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Arranged from newest to oldest in each fandom.

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I had so much fun both reading & doing the art for [ profile] romanticalgirl's Write What You Know. She's an amazing writer and I love her Pete and Gabe so, so much.

I painted Pete and Gabe at the fair with Jake after Gabe's performance.
art under the cut! )
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Title: Purest Element But It's So Volatile
Pairing: Ryan/Brendon
Rating: Explicit
Warnings: none
Word count: 5k
Notes: Written for BRBB 2012 for [ profile] radioaches's amazing mix. Find the mix here
Summary: I always said you could rely on me; now it seems that I was wrong.

They're not dating or anything )
Title: Put One Foot in Front of the Other
Pairing: Gen, focused on Costis
Rating: G
Warnings: none
Word count: 1k
Notes: Written for Lirazel for Yuletide 2011
Summary: Costis is not at all good at entertaining the sick. (One day, Gen falls and breaks his wrist.)

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Title: Sandwhich, a love story
Pairing/Prompt: Brendon/Spencer
Rating: PG-13 (language)
Warnings: none
Word count: 2k
Notes: Originally written for [ profile] no_tags prompt 17, one of them famous and the other not. Thanks to K for the beta and to [ profile] airgiodslv for running this challenge again! Sandwhich is a real place. I've never been, I just shamelessly stole their name.

The first time Spencer Smith visited Sandwhich Brendon didn't notice him. )
Title: put on your red shoes
Pairing(s): Brendon/Spencer
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: minor violence
Word count: 12k
Summary: Brendon wished Spencer had just fallen into his arms, or at least he would have if David Bowie had existed in this fairy tale. A retelling of The Twelve Dancing Princesses. Written for [ profile] provetheworst for [ profile] bandomstuffsit. Huge thanks to [ profile] intrepidcat for the beta and handholding.

Part one )

Part Two
I did a mix for Need You Wild by [ profile] fallintosilence and [ profile] boweryd, which you can find here. The cover art is modified from an etching I did.

I also did art for two stories--[ profile] elucreh's Waiting for an Indication and [ profile] manipulant's Into the Woods.

Here's my art for Waiting for an Indication:
The Chart )

I actually stalked collaborated with [ profile] manipulant for Into the Woods. I wanted to do more than the three pieces I managed, but I was working in a new style and new-ish medium (again! I need to learn to avoid this for BBB) and didn't have the time.

Title Page )

Red Riding Hood )

Sleeping Beauty )

And then I have tons of in-progress shots for the Red Riding Hood illustration.

seriously, tons. also some commentary. )

I learned a lot about watercolor and the specific technique I was aiming for, and will probably revisit it in the future. I'm aiming for something like what Tir-ri does, and I owe most of what I know about using masking fluid to some of her comments. Definitely check her work out, it's amazing.
So bandom has some seriously talented artists, and [ profile] bandombigbang is their time to shine. There's been some amazing art posted this year--so much, in fact, that I'll probably need to make three or four rec posts for it.

First up is [ profile] theopteryx's art (MCR, Frank/Gerard, G) for You Don't Know a Thing About My Sins by [ profile] criminalsofwar. I highly suggest checking out the fullsize of this one. Her use of color is always so amazing, and I love the weights of her lines. And Frank lighting Gerard's cigarette! Such an awesome illustration.

[ profile] brille did a great digital painting (G) for [ profile] oxyidiot's Waiting For the Sun, fullsize here. I love the super-restricted color palette, and the atmosphere it evokes. This feels like a magical, lonely place full of all sorts of secrets.

[ profile] speep did an awesome cast lineup (MCR, G) for [ profile] mcrnut's Of Love and Superpowers. I have a serious thing for the way [ profile] speep draws legs, they always have such personality. I love Mikey's toaster and Ray's feet! And the little "approved by the comics code authority" sticker, such a great detail! Ooh, and how Frank's shadow has a little bit missing because of the fireball! Nice.

[ profile] leatherteal drew the most adorable illustrations (MCR, PATD, TYV, Ryan/Ray, Spencer/Bob/Brendon, PG) for [ profile] clarityhiding and [ profile] okubyo_kitsune's There's Something in the Water Cooler (Or Maybe It's Just Love). Bob and his cat calendar! Restaurant Wednesdays! Spencer's face in the last drawing, seriously! In more artsy news, I love her lines. Seriously, seriously love. And everything is stylized but you can still tell exactly who everyone is and what they're feeling, which is difficult to do!

[ profile] nasssty_slyth drew five amazing pieces (PATD, Spencer/Brendon, PG) for [ profile] sunsetmog's A Presumption of Functionality. The level of detail in these is just incredible. I'm a particular fan of Brendon in his workroom with Spencer peering around the door, but all five are just fantastic.

[ profile] desticex created a great piece (The Used, G) for [ profile] schneestern's Possibilities in Basic Space. I love the colors in this, how muted they are and how they fade into each other. I love the strong horizontal lines, the broken fence curled on the ground, and I really love the marbled texture she used.

Check all this stuff out, I promise you won't regret it!


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Title: lines of dust and sweat
Pairing: Brendon/Spencer
Rating: PG13
Prompt: 18) band AU where Spencer is a rock star and Brendon is his biggest fan. After Spencer replies to one of Brendon's fan-letters they start up a weird little letter courtship
Author's Notes and Warnings: No warnings. Three pieces in colored pencil and marker with some digital manipulation.

art! )
Title: underneath electric stars
Pairing/Prompt: 52. Brendon/Spencer, set during (or near) NRWC
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: none
Notes: Originally written for [ profile] no_tags. Title from Rhythm of the Night by DeBarge. Unbeta'd.

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So, BBB has drawn to an end and I'm still working my way through all the stories. I plan to do rec posts once I've finished them all--we'll see, though, because at this rate school will have started again before I finish reading!

Here's all the stuff I made for BBB--links are provided for their respective stories, and I highly recommend you check them out!

I did all of the art in a similar style, but it's a style fairly new to me and so there's a lot of variation between each piece. I don't normally use crosshatching or textures to shade, but I'd been looking at art by giadrosich lately and wanted to try it out. I'm not sure if I'll continue using this style on a regular basis, but I'm really pleased with how it worked with some of the pieces, specifically "he looked at you and thought, wow, hot," "A Very Interesting Fire Hydrant," and "found again."

first piece for zarah )

second piece for zarah )

first piece for romasquerade )
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This is my first time participating in producing a fest of this scale--before, I've always just sat back and devoured the amazing work produced. This year was perfect timing, though--I'd found a new fandom (I actually got into bandom during the BBB posting last year, so it's been exactly a year) which I loved and which was inspiring me to participate for the first time. In all of the many fandoms I've consumed, I've never really commented, never written fic to be posted, never illustrated anything. I didn't even follow newsletters, just found the best authors and stuck to them like a burr. I had started contributing, too--I signed up for Bandom Advent and provided goodies for two days, and I've written a drabble for [ profile] anon_lovefest. I've been commenting, too, although not as much as I should. So, BBB came along and I was so ready that I signed up to make a fanmix and to illustrate, finished my first assignments, and asked for another story to illustrate. Then I did another. And then I offered to beta a story.

The entire thing has been great--the organizers replied to all of my questions, even when they were silly, and sent me drafts soon after I claimed prompts. With the overwhelming response to BBB this year--there were over 100 drafts submitted! That's crazy!--I can't begin to imagine how much work they've done. Everyone should thank them--[ profile] airgiodslv, [ profile] foxxcub, [ profile] jocondite, [ profile] maleyka, [ profile] shoemaster, and [ profile] sunsetmog.

All of my authors wrote great stories, and you should definitely check them out! The rest of this post will probably contain mild spoilers for the stories I was involved with. )

It's June 8th in New Zealand, so I can post this!